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Customer Testimonials: Hear what people are saying!!!

"I had a pool service before for 6 years and I never knew when he came, and then when I started keeping track, found out he was not coming ass scheduled. When I hired Pool Pirates, I was very pleased, my pool always look sparkling and he leaves a note ever week with date serviced. I'm very happy with them so far." Natasha M. --Jupiter

"Very professional and quick to respond to my first phone call!" Cyndi M. --Jupiter.

"Excellent service at a reasonable price. John does go far and beyond to inform me any problems, whether with the pool or the house when I am away. I greatly                appreciate that extra step. I would recommend to anyone looking for an excellent             reliable service" Roucoumany G. --N. Palm Beach                                                    

"I have no problems or issues and the detail and service is above par and excellent. I wish I did this earlier as the service is affordable, attentive, and responsive."  Ann, S. --Jupiter


"I have used John for about 3 years. always shows up in a good mood and ready to

work. He didn't need to be called or checked on. my pool looks great. I also had a problem with the pool and Fla pools wanted $800 to fix it. John had it done for $400!

He's a great guy and I HIGHLY recommend him!!"  Larry --Jupiter